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Looking after customers and ourselves.

We, as a barista take care of our customers. From start to finish, we try to look after our customers, we try to deliver our promise to make them nice coffee.

We go into much details such as cleaning the basket, dosing, thinking about extraction yield, weighing our shots and so on.. we look after customers behind the machine without them realising, but are we looking after ourselves?

This week, I’ve been working around people who were quite ill, coughing and sneezing. I get very annoyed the fact they still come into work with the state they are in, they say they ‘have to work for the money’. In my opinion, that is being selfish, they don’t realise they might infect other people, and most importantly; they don’t realise customers are watching.

Customers do not look how our shot comes out, but they do look around our surroundings, such as hygiene and cleanliness.

Here is a example:

1. Customer pays for the coffee

2. Barista sneezes into his/her hands

3.Barista manual doses the grounds

4.Barista touches the portafilter handle and starts extraction

5.Few minutes later another barista pulls shots with same portafilter.

From that example above, i would say at least 2 people may have got infected.

Manual dosing when you have just sneezed onto your hands is just wrong. Some people might say the heat from the water will kill the bacteria, it might be true, but that is not important when the customer saw you sneezing, saw you not washing your hands and started to make their coffee. Would they come back?

In addition, when your hands are full of bacteria and you touch the portafilter handle, from that moment every single person who touches that handle will have same bacteria on their hands.

We want to deliver excellent service but sometimes we forget about the most simplest, yet most important things. If you must come into work when you’re ill, at least wear a mask, otherwise have a day or two off, don’t abuse your body.

Her are few things where we can do to prevent bacterias spreading, and most importantly things we can do to respect our customers.

-Buy quick dry antibacterial hand gel, so you don’t have to go back and forth washing and drying your hands.

-Sanitise portafilter handle (with anti bacterial wipe/spray) before other baristas start to use the machine.

-Eat lots of fruits, try to avoid caffeine consumption(or too much)

-Always remember that customers are watching you; even though you think they are not, you are on show, spotlight is always on you.

I know this might be a obvious post for some of you reading, but i see so many people forgetting about these simple things in cafes and restaurants, i had to point it out.

Making good coffee≠best customer service in the world, look back at what you do, start to think more about hygiene if you are alread not.

It’s always good to make nice coffees to our customers, but we should also look after ourselves and customers differently, not coffee wise.